Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 7 The End

Dear Dan and Anna-
Things are just too quiet aroung here today! But, I bet not at your house! :-) These are some pictures from our final day with Cami yesterday. We really had a wonderful time with her. Thanks again for asking us to watch her!

*Finally opening her "early" birthday present...we kinda' forgot...but she didn't know either way! Happy birthday today,Cami! :-)

*Hannah and Heather putting it together...

*Cami tried, for most of the rest of the day, to push it around like a's not going to last long if she keeps that up!
*She will be missed...:-(

*I have this picture as my screen-saver...

*Heading home...
*Since I already talked to you on the phone last night, Anna, there is not much else to share except that we are glad you both had a wonderful, relaxing time and the girls have caught up on much of their school work! :-)
P.S. I think I'll take a break from blogging for awhile! :-)


Family of 5 said...

Dear William's Family- WE are so glad to be home...and are SOOO thankful for your family! What a blessing it was to have a vacation and know that our daughter was well taken care of!

Just wondering though if you might want her back...:) This morning she was screaming and yelling...ahh....the joys of being back home! hehe! And yes our house it LOUD again...but so good to see the kids! Thanks again!
Love, Anna

paulashley said...

Hey! We are just starting this blog thing, so I haven't seen your guys' yet! Those last to pics are sooo cute. Cami and her little backpack :)