Monday, November 24, 2008

6th Grade D-Team Activity...Crazy!!!!

For those of you who don't know, Russ and I work with a bunch of great 6th graders at our church along with Dave and Ranelle Hudson, Ashley Strom, and Nick Noffsinger. What a crazy night! We definitley learned many interesting things about these kids. We took them bowling and out to dinner. The guys went to McDonalds (Yuk!) and the girls to Taco Bell (Double Yuk!!)

If all of the girls showed up at any given time, there would be 14 of them!

Here's Dave, Russ, and Nick with a few of their guys.
This is Morgan Connelly--I think she got ahold of the camera once and really liked it! Lots of deleted pictures after that!
I think Nick got a strike on this one--he's been in a league before so not fair for these guys.

The "Hansen" boys--obviously not related.

Rachal and Morgan
Do you really think they sat here so nice and calm?? No way! Not until I intervened to remind them that they were actually out in public...

At one point, the manager had to tell them not to use the slippery part of the floor for ice skating...we'll have to work on proper etiquette before we go out again.

Not a Subject to be Made Light of But....

Russ and I were gone somewhere, Hannah was at swimteam practice and Caley and Heather were home alone. We never know what we'll find on the camcorder or camera when we return. Heather had somehow figured out how to double her legs up inside her sweats and this was the result. It gave her a slight taste of what amputees experience. I want to be respectful, but it was hilarious to watch her walk up and down the stairs, swing her leg (half leg) up onto the couch and manuever herself up onto the black chair.

If you look close enough, you can see how her feet are tucked in the back of her sweats.

Goofy, but cute!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Behold, children are a gift of the Lord...
Psalm 127:3

The last 2 days have been rough. I have been sick and have spent most of both days in bed. My children are a blessing to me in that they are so encouraging and sensitive. They have gone above and beyond what is expected of them in a normal day. Clothes have been washed; dishes taken care of; house continually picked up; closing my door in hopes that I'll get more rest-not realizing it makes me feel better to hear the activity of the day in its normal volume; Caley taking and picking up after a busy day at work; school work accomplished in a timely manor (for the most part!). All went on as scheduled--pretty much without me. What a blessing that is to me!! Knowing that only God deserves the glory for how these 3 are turning out. Thank you, Father, for these blessings...they truly are a gift from You!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Hair Styles...H & H Salon, Inc.

Since the time my girls were little, probably 4 or 5, they have loved to style hair. Really, anyone who would let them touch their head they would work on them. My mom loves it. I tolerate it on occasion--only because I have so much junk in my hair it hurts me to have them try and brush it out. It really hurts! This may be just a tad too personal for me but I would have felt bad posting just pictures of my mom on here. She's going to kill me anyways--I should have done it...

Any votes for this one?? This was one of the "good" ones...those of you that see me on a regular basis know I don't look this mom actually liked the bangs down in front. They're pretty crooked from my last chop to save money :-)

I'm sorry mom, I couldn't resist! Just think of the memories you are building with the girls...

Beautiful, but it makes her look way too old...There were many more that could have been posted. I'll be nice. If anyone wants their hair re-styled, call H & H Salon!

Nana's Visit...Pam's mom if you can't tell...

My mom just came for a visit last week. We always have a great time when she is here. Shopping, shopping, shopping--I strongly dislike it. For some reason it makes me really tired. It would be better if Papa could come, too. (For a visit...not shopping.) He is a pastor so it's very hard for him to get away. At least if he looks at the blog he can see part of what went on. Mom has made a few fleece blankets for the girls for Christmas over the years. She thought it would be fun if they learned to make them this year. It really was easy. She was counting on taking the blankets home, wrapping them, and putting them under the tree until Christmas. Well, the girls didn't know that part. It didn't happen. If you have ever wrapped yourself in one of those blankets it's hard to unwrap--they are just way too cozy. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the girls sleeping with their blankets--they have 2 or 3 piled on their beds at one time. We don't use the heat upstairs and they prefer that.

Nana and Hannah measuring and cutting.

Matching the pieces--part of the fun is picking the kind of fleece you want. So many designs to choose from...

Hannah tying.

One of the yorkies that never leaves Mom alone--they are her babies and it shows. This is Kokoa.

Heather measuring...something.

Kokoa on the left. Bear on the right.

Kokoa would lay down right in front of her and not move and Bear would crawl under her legs just waiting for attention--like they don't get enough!!

Heather working on hers. Caley was at work so no pictures of her working on hers--that's what happens when you grow up and get a job!

Pretty Creative...

This reminds me of the times when my kids were much younger and they would recieve a new toy for their birthday or Christmas. What did they do? They wanted the box more than anything and didn't play with the toy in its intended way. Here Hannah and Heather are building a "city" with all the different card games we have. They do play the games as intended but it's also fun to see how creative they can be with random stuff.

Their city was much larger but by the time I got the camera for another shot the dog ruined some of it.

Looks like someone took a bite out of this picture. Strange!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dutch Blitz-i-tis and other wacky games...

One of the reasons I love fall so much is how it brings our family inside. We experience game "spurts" in the fall and winter, especially when it starts getting so dark outside. We love playing Dutch Blitz--it's very competitive and fast paced and we can spend too much time playing. Shortly after this picture was taken, I developed Dutch Blitz-i-tis--this means I'm getting too old to sit on the floor for long periods of time in this position without developing some sort of back ailment. For the time being, I'm taking a break from this game while my back heals. I really did injure my back almost 2 weeks ago and this probably added to it. Looks like we'll be moving to the kitchen table...

Look at the intensity!! I guess ya had to be here!

This is an example, one of many, how my kids play with games in the way they aren't intended. Hannah and Heather are using Dominoes to build towers and then see who could blow the other's over the quickest. Easily entertained...Of course, I thought I had the order figured out so start at the bottom.

By the time these pictures were taken, they were so lightheaded they were ready to be done.

They should really have a decent lung capacity since they are swimmers, but it's hard to blow and laugh at the same time.

They figured out they couldn't blow all the way across the table...