Friday, December 11, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 2

*I'm really not sure how this picture missed last nights bunch...but it reminds me of how graciously she tolerates my 3 girls! Today I had to talk with them about sharing her! Around this house she is the baby doll...(and Queen, I might add...but you already knew that!)

*Last night was a little rough, but Heather got the brunt of it. Cami was up 3 times in the night and I didn't hear a thing because Heather insisted the monitor be turned off, "because she didn't want us to hear her sleeping..." How do you hear someone sleeping anyway??

*Still full of smiles and hugs in spite of a rough night...
*Yes, we have her do chores, including throwing her own soaked diaper away...I love watching her walk...Anna, she walks exactly like you!
*Coffee table art--we taped a bunch of paper to the coffee table and let her have at it...she did a great job until she started to eat the crayons (and Polly Pocket clothes and pennies)...I thought you told me she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore! :-)

*We tried 2 times today and I was sure she would go...she drinks a ton throughout the day--no wonder her diapers are so soaked in the morning!

*This picture really doesn't do justice...the house really is a mess until she goes to bed. I have forgotten what it's like to have an almost 2 year old around!

*The day started with..."Cami, no stairs! Girls, get to work! Cami, no stairs! Girls, get to work!" Then came Duct-Tape-Down-Time! Never heard of it? You should try it sometime! You can't really tell that she has duct tape strapping her to the chair. I was careful not to get it on her skin. Just kidding...I used it on my girls instead! :-)

*Hannah had to have 100 pennies for a project of some kind in Biology and Cami's reaction to the sound of money was incredible! She could not stuff those pennies in her pockets fast enough! Very cute!
*Favorite Toy: Little green bucket from IKEA

Favorite Food Today: "Cake" that's what she called banana bread and I had to hide it because she was becoming, well...ballistic because I would not give her another piece; Craisins (thanks for sending that huge bag--another cause for ballistic behavior as well as a HUGE craisin diaper blow-out right before bed!); and Milk--pretty much what she survived on all day long. Do you have 13x9x2 pans of cake laying around your house a lot, for her to want so much !?!?!?!?!

Favorite Word: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! But a little more forceful today! :-) Oh yes, cake was high on the list as well.
Favorite Memory: She was a little fussy today for a short time...I thought she would want one of the girls but she wanted to cuddle with ME! That made my day! :-)

Reality Check: I get nothing done with a 2 year old the way when was the last time you gave her a bath?? :-) I probably should have one of the girls do that tomorrow...


Nolan & Jill said...

Hi (Auntie Jill here)! One trick we've found when trying to get Cami to eat food she doesn't want to is to use her favorite word to your advantage! Just tell her to say "No" and then put the bite in her mouth while she says it :)
The boys love seeing pictures of Cami, so thanks for posting them! Josiah and Micah are having a lot of fun too!