Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 4

Dear Mommy and Daddy-
Mommy! When we got home from church tonight, I walked in with the girls and you were talking on a machine! I tried to talk back to you into the machine, but you just kept on talking and talking and talking...:-) I love you and miss you. Did you get my hugs and kisses I sent yesterday? Today was a very busy day, but we still got some pictures and I was a really good girl.
*When I got up this morning, Pam put me right on the toilet and I went potty! See me?? I just got out of bed and I am so happy! Everyone is so amazed that I can wake up and be so happy and they are happy too that I don't cry when I go for my nap or at bedtime.

*The girls had to be to church early for the program. Here is a silly picture. I wasn't so silly because I just wanted to eat--I ate oatmeal with strawberry yogurt and it wasn't too hot this time. :-)

*I like these girls very much...I'm not sure I will be able to leave them when you come back...they spoil me! (Like letting me have 3 cookies at church tonight! Not just little ones either! Hee-Hee! I think if you were there you would not have let me have all 3!) I love them! (The cookies and the girls!)
*Pam gave Russ a haircut yesterday and it kinda reminds me of your head, Daddy! :-)
*Right before bed, Heather was playing with me because Pam said something about how I hadn't pooped today...I just betcha I get Craisins tomorrow. I haven't had any for 2 days! :-) Now watch, I probably will get constipated...

*That's all for now...I did got to the girl's piano recital tonight and Caley only had to take me out for a short time. So, you think I could take piano someday? Or maybe Mommy, you could teach me because Pam said you are a really good player! :-)
*More hugs and kisses to you: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo! Love- Cami


Family of 5 said...

Dear Cami girl--How fun that you got to hear Mommy's voice! Maybe I can try to call again today so we can "chat"! :0) Sounds like you are doing really good going pee pee...when you get home maybe you will go all the time?:)And you better get lots of exercise on the stairs today to work off those 3 cookies you ate! haha! I am so glad you are being so well taken care of...and so makes mommy so happy! Ineed to go now we are heading into D.C. today and are going to go see the BIG Christmas trees tonight down there! I love you all lots! ByE!
Love, Mommy...xoxoxoxoxoxo

paulashley said...

The the silly girls pic reminds me so much of my sisters and me :)