Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 7 The End

Dear Dan and Anna-
Things are just too quiet aroung here today! But, I bet not at your house! :-) These are some pictures from our final day with Cami yesterday. We really had a wonderful time with her. Thanks again for asking us to watch her!

*Finally opening her "early" birthday present...we kinda' forgot...but she didn't know either way! Happy birthday today,Cami! :-)

*Hannah and Heather putting it together...

*Cami tried, for most of the rest of the day, to push it around like a's not going to last long if she keeps that up!
*She will be missed...:-(

*I have this picture as my screen-saver...

*Heading home...
*Since I already talked to you on the phone last night, Anna, there is not much else to share except that we are glad you both had a wonderful, relaxing time and the girls have caught up on much of their school work! :-)
P.S. I think I'll take a break from blogging for awhile! :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 6

Dear Mommy and Daddy-
Thanks, Daddy, for writing me! Can't wait to see you! 'Member how I said we might see Josiah today, welllll, we couldn't! It's been a long day...this house has a leak in the yard. Something about 9 gallons of water washing away somewhere per minute. We couldn't go see him cuz Pam had to take care of this business all afternoon and ya know what?? We don't have any water until sometime tomorrow. I had to have a "spit-bath" tonight! Yuck! Just kidding...:-)

*This is a picture of the hole where the man found the water. At one time, the water was gushing out! It was cool--I thought anyway...Pam didn't think it was so cool...
*We didn't get many pictures today because of the busy day, but these next few are just because I am so cute!! Pam took me to Walmart today--have I ever walked on the white floor at Walmart? Because today Pam let me walk on the white floor and it scared me! I would walk a few steps and then stop and start shaking and crying. It was very strange!

*I am playing hide and go seek with one of the girls... *Me in all my cuteness...with Craisins, of course! I am not constipated either. That's good.

*Pam said she wants to keep me!

*Blankie, bucket, baby (somewhere in there!) and BOZ: It's all good as Daddy would say!
* I was tired today because I went to bed so late last night and then got up early this morning but I did a really good job. No potty--no time!
*Pam showed me pictures of you on the blog and that was not a good idea! I cried and reached my hands out for Mommy (sorry Daddy!) I think I am getting ready for you to come home. I miss my brothers too, but I have had a great time.
More hugs and kisses! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
P.S. Happy Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!


A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 5

Dear Mommy and Daddy-
Sorry I couldn't write to you last night. I was at Ladies Night Out and we didn't get home until 9:30 because I had so many people to talk to! So...this will be short! Here is me Monday morning...I woke up 4 times during the night and Heather cuddled with me each time. She was so tired and so was I! I sat on the stairs for a very long time, just my blankie and me...
*I think I spent most of the day in my jammies, but that's ok right, Mommy? Pam said it is, because that's what the girls do sometimes because they are homeschooled...:-) (But not a lot!)

*I like markers! But you knew that already...

*The girls kept saying, "Come on, Cami...put it on your lips! Do you want some lipstick like Mommy???" I couldn't resist--they thought I was so cute...I like it when they think I'm cute. It comes off--it's not one of those permanent kinds...

*Ok...Pam really didn't want this picture on here, but I think I am tiring her out! I don't know why...she doesn't even get up with me at night! She says something about her back everytime she picks me up...does that mean she's old, Mommy? I think she just needed some cuddle time and of course I was glad to give it to her! :-) She actually fell asleep and Caley took the picture...she is so sneaky!

*Green Bucket! These are little chore cards with magnets on them...see how smart I am, I spelled my name! Not really, I just love to put them on anything that is metal! They are all over the house, too! Pam says she wouldn't be surprised if we find things that don't belong to me after I get home because of all my stuff--does that make sense...because I know I sometimes don't make sense!
*Russ is one of my favorite people in this house! Actually all the people in this house are my favorite...this is Russ and me after Ladies Night Out last night. We were watching Kung-Fu Panda and it was almost 10:00 pm! Is that late for me...I was so happy! No one would even know that it was that late.

*Did you know that I like olives--in fact I LOVE olives! That's what I had for dinner tonight--pretty much that's it! And some's not that Pam is a bad cook, it's just I think I am picky!
*I did not go potty today, but I tried! It just wouldn't come out...:-) Pam gave me Craisins again and you know what that means! But at least I'm not constipated! :-)
*I fell off of a chair and hit my head on Hannah's Biology book and that was the first time I have cried the whole time I have been here! Night times don't count Pam says!

*Pam and I are going to leave today so the girls can get some school work done--I am distracting them too much...:-)
*I love you Mommy and Daddy...thank you for the letters and hugs and kisses. I am looking forward to when you get home! I miss my brothers to. Hey, maybe Pam will take me to see Josiah at school today? I gotta go...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
P.S. Why didn't I think of it before...please give Grandma and Grandpa hugs and kisses from me too!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 4

Dear Mommy and Daddy-
Mommy! When we got home from church tonight, I walked in with the girls and you were talking on a machine! I tried to talk back to you into the machine, but you just kept on talking and talking and talking...:-) I love you and miss you. Did you get my hugs and kisses I sent yesterday? Today was a very busy day, but we still got some pictures and I was a really good girl.
*When I got up this morning, Pam put me right on the toilet and I went potty! See me?? I just got out of bed and I am so happy! Everyone is so amazed that I can wake up and be so happy and they are happy too that I don't cry when I go for my nap or at bedtime.

*The girls had to be to church early for the program. Here is a silly picture. I wasn't so silly because I just wanted to eat--I ate oatmeal with strawberry yogurt and it wasn't too hot this time. :-)

*I like these girls very much...I'm not sure I will be able to leave them when you come back...they spoil me! (Like letting me have 3 cookies at church tonight! Not just little ones either! Hee-Hee! I think if you were there you would not have let me have all 3!) I love them! (The cookies and the girls!)
*Pam gave Russ a haircut yesterday and it kinda reminds me of your head, Daddy! :-)
*Right before bed, Heather was playing with me because Pam said something about how I hadn't pooped today...I just betcha I get Craisins tomorrow. I haven't had any for 2 days! :-) Now watch, I probably will get constipated...

*That's all for now...I did got to the girl's piano recital tonight and Caley only had to take me out for a short time. So, you think I could take piano someday? Or maybe Mommy, you could teach me because Pam said you are a really good player! :-)
*More hugs and kisses to you: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo! Love- Cami

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 3

Dear Mommy and Daddy-
I love you sooooo much and I miss you very much! When are you coming to get me? Pam didn't give me any Craisins--something about a blow-out yesterday...I am having a lot of fun. I only woke up once last night and slept until 8:30 this morning. Is that a long time for me? Pam thinks so...the only thing that happened was the whole front of me was soaking wet when I woke up and so was my bed. Yuck!

*Here I am playing with my "goggie". For some reason, I think Peppie is really tired of me. My "goggie" would not get the ball when I threw it for him. I just laughed. There's my favorite green bucket!

*Pam really doesn't like it when I do this :-)...she says everytime she turns around I am gone...Doesn't she remember that 2 year olds like to climb so much? I went up and down the stairs a lot today. Green bucket!

*I am playing "Jenga" my way...

*I love this green bucket! I want one, please!
*Yeah! The green bucket! I want one--maybe could we borrow it for awhile?

*This is me after my long nap...but Heather's room really didn't smell that good when Russ came to get me...even without Craisins today! Pam and Russ were listening to me sing before they came and got me and they said they "heard" me say..."Hannah, where are you?" :-) They wouldn't let me sleep with the green bucket...why?

*Dressed in Hannah's sweatshirt...I didn't really like it, she just happened to catch me smiling!

*Hannah and Heather gave me a bath...the water was too cold that's why I am not happy here.
*I went to church tonight to watch the Christmas Program that the kids do. Pam said I did a really good job sitting/wiggling almost the whole time until Caley took me out at the very end.
*Oh, ya know what? I went potty on the toilet today and Pam gave me a chocolate chip! I will try again tomorrow. I really don't understand why everyone was clapping and smiling so much...
*I ate really well today, but I am going to bed right now because I am getting cranky!
*Here are some hugs and kisses for you both! Blowin' you a kiss right now....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox :-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 2

*I'm really not sure how this picture missed last nights bunch...but it reminds me of how graciously she tolerates my 3 girls! Today I had to talk with them about sharing her! Around this house she is the baby doll...(and Queen, I might add...but you already knew that!)

*Last night was a little rough, but Heather got the brunt of it. Cami was up 3 times in the night and I didn't hear a thing because Heather insisted the monitor be turned off, "because she didn't want us to hear her sleeping..." How do you hear someone sleeping anyway??

*Still full of smiles and hugs in spite of a rough night...
*Yes, we have her do chores, including throwing her own soaked diaper away...I love watching her walk...Anna, she walks exactly like you!
*Coffee table art--we taped a bunch of paper to the coffee table and let her have at it...she did a great job until she started to eat the crayons (and Polly Pocket clothes and pennies)...I thought you told me she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore! :-)

*We tried 2 times today and I was sure she would go...she drinks a ton throughout the day--no wonder her diapers are so soaked in the morning!

*This picture really doesn't do justice...the house really is a mess until she goes to bed. I have forgotten what it's like to have an almost 2 year old around!

*The day started with..."Cami, no stairs! Girls, get to work! Cami, no stairs! Girls, get to work!" Then came Duct-Tape-Down-Time! Never heard of it? You should try it sometime! You can't really tell that she has duct tape strapping her to the chair. I was careful not to get it on her skin. Just kidding...I used it on my girls instead! :-)

*Hannah had to have 100 pennies for a project of some kind in Biology and Cami's reaction to the sound of money was incredible! She could not stuff those pennies in her pockets fast enough! Very cute!
*Favorite Toy: Little green bucket from IKEA

Favorite Food Today: "Cake" that's what she called banana bread and I had to hide it because she was becoming, well...ballistic because I would not give her another piece; Craisins (thanks for sending that huge bag--another cause for ballistic behavior as well as a HUGE craisin diaper blow-out right before bed!); and Milk--pretty much what she survived on all day long. Do you have 13x9x2 pans of cake laying around your house a lot, for her to want so much !?!?!?!?!

Favorite Word: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! But a little more forceful today! :-) Oh yes, cake was high on the list as well.
Favorite Memory: She was a little fussy today for a short time...I thought she would want one of the girls but she wanted to cuddle with ME! That made my day! :-)

Reality Check: I get nothing done with a 2 year old the way when was the last time you gave her a bath?? :-) I probably should have one of the girls do that tomorrow...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 1

Dear Dan and Anna-
We will try and stay faithful to this over the next week so you'll have a daily update on how Cami is doing. Happy Anniversary and have a relaxing and restful vacation!
The Williams Family

*Dropped off at 7:00 a.m. obviously excited to be here...and promptly began to explore!

*The diapers did not fit her baby, but Hannah and Heather tried them on her...just a little tight!

*She may have a life-long aversion to oatmeal and strawberry yogurt from here on out...someone who ought to know better (that would be me...) didn't let the oatmeal cool off long enough to prevent permanent damage to the tastebuds!
NOTE: Tastebud test done after dinner tonight...Picture her little pink tongue feverishly licking an EXTREME SOUR WARHEAD...Taste buds are just fine! :-)

*Received many, many hugs and kisses alllllllllllll day long and had to pry her out of one of the girls' arms tonight just to get some for me!

*Terrorized Peppie pretty much all day long...
NOTE: Much to my surprise she remained in this ONE outfit until bed time...I was sure the girls would change her outfit at least 2-3 times from the mounds of clothes you sent...

*Sweet picture! She played with this Cami-friendly Nativity Scene for quite sometime...the same one the girls played with from about her age.

*Hannah was teaching her how to text...not really--she was a major distraction (in a good way) and the girls hardly completed any of their school work today! Oh well...there's always Christmas Vacation!

*You were right, Anna! She is picky when it comes to eating...I tried to disguise broccoli with cheese and she very carefully picked the cheese off and ate it. Caley tried to get her to eat it, but with no luck, as you can see.

*Naptime went well...she fell asleep right away and I had to wake her in order to get to Hannah's swim meet on time. She did great sitting with Heather for 2 hours while I timed. She was a hit with several of the girls on the team. This picture was taken at 8:00 p.m.--I was worried that she may not go down based on what you had told me, but she fell asleep right fussing at all. We'll see what the night least Heather will be there to cuddle with her if needed.

*FAVORITE WORD OF THE DAY: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

*FAVORITE MEMORY: She had us laughing so hard at dinner...we were asking her open-ended questions and she was actually answering us with her language--it was amazing! It was as if she clearly understood what we were asking and was equally sure we understood her answers! We did not...we were in tears from laughing so hard! Great ending to Day 1!