Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Week In The Life of Cami...Day 1

Dear Dan and Anna-
We will try and stay faithful to this over the next week so you'll have a daily update on how Cami is doing. Happy Anniversary and have a relaxing and restful vacation!
The Williams Family

*Dropped off at 7:00 a.m. obviously excited to be here...and promptly began to explore!

*The diapers did not fit her baby, but Hannah and Heather tried them on her...just a little tight!

*She may have a life-long aversion to oatmeal and strawberry yogurt from here on out...someone who ought to know better (that would be me...) didn't let the oatmeal cool off long enough to prevent permanent damage to the tastebuds!
NOTE: Tastebud test done after dinner tonight...Picture her little pink tongue feverishly licking an EXTREME SOUR WARHEAD...Taste buds are just fine! :-)

*Received many, many hugs and kisses alllllllllllll day long and had to pry her out of one of the girls' arms tonight just to get some for me!

*Terrorized Peppie pretty much all day long...
NOTE: Much to my surprise she remained in this ONE outfit until bed time...I was sure the girls would change her outfit at least 2-3 times from the mounds of clothes you sent...

*Sweet picture! She played with this Cami-friendly Nativity Scene for quite sometime...the same one the girls played with from about her age.

*Hannah was teaching her how to text...not really--she was a major distraction (in a good way) and the girls hardly completed any of their school work today! Oh well...there's always Christmas Vacation!

*You were right, Anna! She is picky when it comes to eating...I tried to disguise broccoli with cheese and she very carefully picked the cheese off and ate it. Caley tried to get her to eat it, but with no luck, as you can see.

*Naptime went well...she fell asleep right away and I had to wake her in order to get to Hannah's swim meet on time. She did great sitting with Heather for 2 hours while I timed. She was a hit with several of the girls on the team. This picture was taken at 8:00 p.m.--I was worried that she may not go down based on what you had told me, but she fell asleep right fussing at all. We'll see what the night least Heather will be there to cuddle with her if needed.

*FAVORITE WORD OF THE DAY: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

*FAVORITE MEMORY: She had us laughing so hard at dinner...we were asking her open-ended questions and she was actually answering us with her language--it was amazing! It was as if she clearly understood what we were asking and was equally sure we understood her answers! We did not...we were in tears from laughing so hard! Great ending to Day 1!


Family of 5 said...

Dan and I appreciate the update...sounds like a very FUN, entertaining day with the Cami girl! Love the pics and thanks sooooo much for doing that! We laughed a lot! Btw...I actually ended up sleeping in til 10:19 a.m. eastcoast time today! :) Have fun! Love ya guys!

Julie said...

Cami is such a happy little girl and will love all this attention from her 3 "sisters". She may enjoy herself so much she won't want to go home or maybe she'll beg her mommy and daddy to have a sister. :-) ha
The boys and I might have to come and visit her.

Acker Family said...

So fun! I'm glad you are doing this too! :) Remember, call me if you need anything! But it looks like you've got things handled-and I'm pretty sure she'd probably cry if you dropped her off over here since she's having such a great time! Have fun!